I'm a 4th year x-ray student (I attended a University degree program). My experiences in this course have been excellent. If you learn by doing this is certainly an option for you. There are plently of hours spent in clinical to help to gather experience and really transform what you learn in the classroom to what you do for an examination on a real human being. All in all, you meet great people, both through the classes you take and the clincal sites (hospitals) you work at. It is certainly an in demand career, with the possibilities of going anywhere.

Wes, 4th x-ray student.

Hi, I'm Kristyn. I'm also a fourth year X-ray student (Degree program). I can't really express how glad I am that I got into a field of study that is so interesting and fun at the same time. The people that you meet really make the difference in your education, both in school and in clinical. The program is designed to promote Evidence Based Thinking, which really puts into perspective how healthcare is changing. It's also a field that is always in demand and looking for new technologists. It feels great to be able to walk into a job right out of University, and feel prepared for it!

Kristyn :) (4th Year RADT)